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Super Lourd!

October 29, 2011

Super Heavy! And that’s what you get if you have supreme artists form a band. There’s no other apt label to name it. Super heavy, indeed.

Group composed of Mick Jagger (I will slam your head open against the pavement if you don’t know the royalty), Rahman of the Jai Ho song, Dave Stewart of the Euryhtmics, Joss Stone (Joss Stone!), and Damian Marley youngest son of THE Bob Marley (I will feed your gonads to Cerberus if you ain’t know him).

SuperHeavy to me is how a band would sound like if premium artisans get together, had a week of nothing but pot, and decided to have an on-the-spot gig.

Les membres des bandes (Stewart, Marley, Stone, Jagger, Rahman)

And did I mention am so infatuated with the reggae specks here and there in them some tracks.

Awesome album people!


Danse. Maintenant.

June 26, 2011

Dance. Now. It’s the direct subtle command, reverberating incessantly with each single bass beat in every one of them tracks included in Brit’s current album, Femme Fatale.

The album is so Tïesto-ish (checkout track Trip to Your Heart. Splendid), that when you shut your blinkers with the sound on the background, one is immediately sent into an insanely blissful trance. And I bet even Monsieur Vivaldi would hastily agree.

And it’s so amazing how the beats swiftly conjure two words, am reminded almost instantly … Beach. Booze.

This is her best album to date. With Blackout as the runner-up.

Am stoked. \m/

Les beats sont enfin là.

June 12, 2011

The beats are finally here.  My mom arrived a few days ago, and with her coming home for vacay here in Manila are my fantastic amazing set of IEMs, my Beats Tour 🙂

My pair of Apple IEMs were functioning really swell, since I got it February of last year, until the right monitor suddenly died on me a month ago 😐 I did everything to revive it. I opened it, removed the metal mesh, tried to blow very light air onto it making sure no soot can linger no more.

To my immense dismay, it’s broken beyond my meager newbie repair attempts. I still have not yet fully recovered from the too-early demise of my Apple IEMs, struck down in its prime, but I have got to scout for its immediate successor. So with that in mind, I managed to muster all the courage I could. I opened my Mac, connected to the internet, and bought a pair of Beats Tour from Amazon.

And now they’re here.  😀

They’re absolutely stunning. Its crimson color is matte enough that it’s not blindingly striking to look at. And I like the way that the wires are flat as to prevent the inevitable mind boggling tangles that the ordinary rounded wires are effin’ prone to. They also come with ear hooks, to put the IEMs in place like when working out or something. And the carrying case looks neat.

The sounds are of rich bass, and the minute details that normal earphones leave out, this captures them pretty nice.

The only issue I have with these IEMs, if the wires were left hanging in its full length midair, it puts the weight tension onto the IEMs while inserted in my ear, so in turn my ears get a bit sore. And that can get quite annoying. As compared to the lighter Apple IEMs.

But overall, am delighted with my purchase. I hope these would last me at least 7+ years.

C’est quatres jours de Maxwell

August 28, 2010

It’s four days of Maxwell. Or should I say, it has been four days of playing the Maxwell song Changed. I had it playing all day long, (during my morning workout, my travel to/fro work, at the office). And the song still is currently on play as I type this.

I’m a big Maxwell fan, got all his albums except the one with unplugged (I hate unplugged versions). Anyways, I never did pay much attention to this specific song before. It was just one of those good tracks of Maxwell, but never the outstanding single.

C’est une chanson vraiment triste. The lyrics, awesome. Started with things with the guy’s childhood, something good abruptly taken from him, realizing that same thing’s currently happening to him. Girl and guy had a really good one. Girl leaves guy immensely heartbroken. Guy struggles to get over the girl. Guy finally moved on (possibly with a new girl). Then girl realizing this, comes back to the guy. Guy terribly shaken with the ex-girl’s comeback. Guy still loves the girl. Guy sticks to his changed mind. Logical reasoning prevails.

Back when I was 4 or 3

clouds came rushing round into my sunshine
clouds got a hold of me they brought me way, way down
clouds so my baby believed but you were not around

So now what you trying to be
what you trying to, trying to do to me
you got me catching feelings with an urgency
now that I’ve changed my mind

Sorry I wasn’t sure of your love
ooh sorry so once afraid that you would figure out the crutch
then make a move and come and go and go and leave
me like the others left me, when things got deep
before you make me go girl, promise you won’t do that to me
mmnm baby

Now what you trying to be
what you trying to, trying to do to me
you got me catching feelings in the third degree
now that I’ve changed my mind

Everything was just fine
when you wanted to ruin my life
now it’s plain and easy for me to see
now that I’ve changed my mind

Now that I don’t want to settle the score
game? I ain’t never felt so free
now that I don’t want to hurt no more
there’s plenty more left for me

Cuz everything was just fine
you wanted to ruin my life
I’ts plain for me to see (and it’s plain and easy for me to see)
now that I’ve changed my mind

So now what you trying to be
what you trying to be baby (trying to do to me)
oh (feelings in the third degree)
now that I’ve changed my mind (now that I’ve changed my mind)

So now what you trying to be
what you trying to, trying to do to me
feelings with an urgency
now that I’ve changed my mind (now that I’ve changed my mind)

So now what you trying to be
ah ooh woo woo yeah (trying to do to me)
feelings in the third degree
now that I’ve changed, now that I’ve changed my mind (changed my mind)

It’s really an S&M song to me, LOL. One loves hurting the other, the other loves being hurt.

Le Adam Lambert

January 5, 2010

While I was out last night, I bought this debut album from The Adam Lambert. Je suis un très grand fan of his. He is sensational. Killer vocals, exquisite stage presence, tremendous performance (notice the superlatives). A true artist.

However, I don’t like the album that much. It’s so, uhmm.. rock-retro-ish. Time for Miracles was the most outstanding track in the album, which turns out to be a bonus number. Though it’s got a couple or three tracks that I dig, like Aftermath, Music Again, and A Loaded Smile.

And the inlay is so tacky. I know he’s gay, but he needs not be that much in-your-face flamboyant. The gayness of the inlay is as reverberating as his voice. It reverberates through the layers of my corneas, at the cellular level. It hurts.

Maybe this is just a classic case of I-like-it-after-7-album-playbacks. I’m giving it another earshot.

——- UPDATE :

After 5 album playbacks, every single one of them tracks kinda grew on me. I like it now. And while I’m at it, may I point out noticeable striking similarities with Blake Lewis’ (AI Season 6(?) runner-up) debut album Audio Daydream. The sound, the melody, the arrangements, the beat in most of the tracks, sans the beatbox.

And the album cover arts of the Lewis and Lambert CDs are oh so twins-ical. Both are in a variety of purple hues, reminiscent of the Mac OS X Leopard cosmos wallpaper. And oh what do you know, they’re even both AI runner-ups, and these are both their debut albums. Coincidence? Teasing, of course it’s perfectly part of the randomness whole.

Un point pour Paul Van Dyk.. Un million points pour DJ Tiësto

January 3, 2010

(1 point for Paul Van Dyk.. 1 million points for DJ Tiësto)

I got the The Best Of CD of Paul Van Dyk.

Well, it was good. But to my dismay, it was not great. Every sales person in all the record bars I ransacked, hunting for that not-so new album of Tiësto, were all giddy and in hype recommending this Van Dyk best-of compilation.

Tiësto still is by far the best in the house music genre.

However, I still don’t have that latest record from le DJ Tiësto.

Emmenez-moi à Nirvana, et ensuite javelliser moi.

December 12, 2009

(Take me to Nirvana, and then bleach me)

I was scouting for stuff to give for Christmas when I accidentally came across this Nirvana CD. Apparently it was Nirvana’s debut album in 1989, and re-issued as a deluxe edition to commemorate its 20th anniversary. Wow, 20 years, I was just a 6 year-old kid at that time.

Still yet to open the CD packaging because it’s already après minuit, but nonetheless, I’m really excited to check it out. Will post photos if there are any riveting bonus material included along with the album.

BTW, never knew head-banging would look really amazing in reversed black and white.

Je suis dans le Nirvana

October 23, 2009


(I am in Nirvana)

This is already becoming a bizarre habit of mine, every after a workout I raid all accessible record bars within the quad-mall range in Ayala, Makati (Glorietta, Greenbelt, Landmark, and SM). Trying to stave-off eating until I reach home after hitting the gym, I turn to album-buying (sometimes books). My latest grab, Nirvana’s greatest hits compilation.

The album rocks. Smashing. Awesome.

All quinze tracks are amazing. Poetic lyrics. Earnest expression. Raunchy vocals. Kick-ass band!

You Know You’re Right is haunting. Love the way the intro goes. Love the way Dave pounced the drums towards the bridge. And the way Kurt shouts pain all throughout the song, especially towards the end like he’s ran out of breath, and that all the sound you can hear is the wheezing produced by his lungs due lack of oxygen. It’s like he’s indeed in some kind of pain. I heard this was the last song recorded before Kurt shot himself dead, explains the feelings poured onto that word.

All About A Girl is one them couple o’ songs in the album that’s light (the other one’s Silver), the rest of the songs are of pure grunge and grudge. This song sounds so Beatles-ish.

Been A Son is an irony. Simple words, profound meaning. The song’s just short enough to leave an impression.

Silver reminds me a lot of those Greenday songs. The track apparently is a story about Kurt’s childhood which was spent a lot with his grandparents.

Smells Like Teen Spirit for me is the highlight of the album. The pinnacle. The apex. The epitome of Nirvana’s grunge music genre. Enjoyed every microscopic fragment of the song. Mulatto, albino, mosquito, and libido, I mean, who strings these words together, and yet still sounds intense, ardent, and a tad sage-ish. Only Kurt can.

Come as You Are has clichés sticking-out all over  the sides. I really like the line Come doused in Mud, cept in Bleach, as I want you to be. I also like the watery tones, and the unaccompanied guitar riff in the intro.

Lithium is one of my favorites. The distorted guitar while Kurt shouts Yeah is a neat touch.

In Bloom to me is about a person who likes swell stuff, but is broken inside. A sad song, but a badass at the same time.

Pennyroyal Tea. Upon hearing the song for the first time, all I can think of is it’s about abortion, pennyroyal tea being an abortifacient, then throw in laxatives and cherry-flavored antacids, there goes my impression. After running the song for a third, it eventually turns to be about chilling-out, looking for an outlet to introduce peace of mind and sense of well-being. Distilling the life out of from within, and using it to avert negativity.

Rape Me is a statement addressed against people who takes advantage of others, and not just with the literal connotation associated to the word rape. It’s like telling someone “OK do as you pleased, violate me (in every sense of the word), but be prepared, I’m gonna get you good”.

Dumb is about being optimistic in spite of mishaps in life. My heart is broke, but I have some glue. And being confident in your own skin, despite of condescending remarks from the conceited, and self-righteous.

All Apologies for me is a comforting, peaceful song. Also reminds me a lot of the R.E.M. song, Losing My Religion. The guitar riff towards the end was fantastic.

The Man Who Sold the World is a David Bowie original. Nirvana’s cover was better. You can really feel the soul of the story, and that of the protagonist.

Where Did You Sleep Last Night is an American folk song, AKA In the Pines and Black Girl. It’s a lonely, sad, sad song, of remorse, and regret. Kurt delivers with the apt raw emotions required of the song.

L’energie jamais meurt

September 21, 2009

The E.N.D De Luxe

(The energy never dies)

Went to a music bar in Glorietta looking for that new DJ Tiësto album (Kaleidoscope), but was still out of stock, so grabbed this one instead.

My first Black Eyed Peas album, I’ve always been a fan, especially because Apl de Ap is a kababayan 😀 Has 15 tracks, plus 10 bonus tracks from the included de luxe CD. I enjoyed every single track, my faves include Rock That Body, I Gotta Feeling, Party All The Time, Meet Me Halfway, and Out of My Head. Beats are contagious, the rhythm will keep everyone hitting the dance floor.

Quitter jouer jeux avec mon coeur

September 4, 2009


For the past two days, I found myself, immensely addicted, obsessed, to Backstreet Boys songs. Man, I never knew this day will come, had not been prepared for this. I blame the early morning rush hour traffic, and the buses playing late 90s pop hits, one after another, after another, after another.. Quit playing games with my heart keeps on playing in my head over and over and over.. and over.

I used to mock my sister for self-proclaiming a fixation towards the boy band. I get to eat a lot of my words lately, good thing it has no calories, but it’s definitely brimming with guilt.

..sometimes I wish I could turn back time .. impossible as it may seem. but i wish I could, so bad, baby.. you better .. Quit playing games.. yadda yadda yadda.