Super Lourd!

Super Heavy! And that’s what you get if you have supreme artists form a band. There’s no other apt label to name it. Super heavy, indeed.

Group composed of Mick Jagger (I will slam your head open against the pavement if you don’t know the royalty), Rahman of the Jai Ho song, Dave Stewart of the Euryhtmics, Joss Stone (Joss Stone!), and Damian Marley youngest son of THE Bob Marley (I will feed your gonads to Cerberus if you ain’t know him).

SuperHeavy to me is how a band would sound like if premium artisans get together, had a week of nothing but pot, and decided to have an on-the-spot gig.

Les membres des bandes (Stewart, Marley, Stone, Jagger, Rahman)

And did I mention am so infatuated with the reggae specks here and there in them some tracks.

Awesome album people!


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