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Heureuse nouvelle année à tous

December 31, 2009

A great deal of smog is expected tomorrow morning. It’s 2 hours to 2010 and it already reek firework fumes inside my room. And yes it is really noisy in the streets. Can’t wait to join the end-of-the-year frenzy later, but for now, I’m staying indoors and drink tea to stay awake until the wee hours of la premiere jour de l’année. Already feeling a bit lethargic from all the New Year’s Eve preparation.

I’m really grateful to God for all His blessings for 2009, may He do the same for me and my family for 2010.

Be safe everyone, and have a blessed and prosperous 2010 ahead! 😉


Taschen et art de Renaissance

December 26, 2009

And yet again, I found myself buying books. In my defense, these are in the non-fiction category, not counted as the usual books I buy.

I am a big fan of the renaissance, baroque, and impressionism, and did not realize it until I got my first Taschen book (the one with Botticelli). I love that the artists lived very controversial lives, worthy of TMZ, and E! True Hollywood Stories. And oh crap, they really are immensely good with their craft.

I also found this Taschen book, the complete works of Leonardo da Vinci. Got it from Book Sale for only P1,000 ($20), which in, retails for $70.

It really is a riveting book. Contains a lot of info about the artist, his oeuvres, and gossip-ish snippets concealed as factoids. Haha. Had fun reading this, it’s like taking art appreciation in college all over again. The book also is exceptionally big compared to the other Taschen books I bought, 10 times thicker, not to mention exceptionally heavy. Weighs around 5 lbs.

Un Joyeux Nöel à tout la monde

December 25, 2009

Here’s a photo taken Holidays of 2004, with my adorable godson/nephew Miko. It really is something if Christmas is spent with kids around. It’s more fun. Now that I am turning vingt sept in less than two weeks, I’m close to making the conclusion that Christmas was really meant for them kids.

Hopefully I get to spend Christmas 2010 with my whole family. The last we were complete together was summer of 2001.

Un Joyeux Nöel à tout la monde! Enjoy the holidays everyone.

Twisted Huit et une Moitié, et La Rue à Gandolfo

December 24, 2009

I did a pact with my biblio-obsessive self a few weeks back, that I won’t buy a single book for months. And here I am, with a couple of nouveaux livres!

I am a big Jessica Zafra fan. I love her witty ironies, and her sarcasm take on things. It’s just a laugh fest every time I grab a hold of a Twisted book. I wolfed the book down for an hour, and it was really hilarious! Bought also a copy each for ma sœur X, et ma copine Z.

I saw this book by Robert Ludlum, The Road to Gandolfo. I read the synopsis at the back of the book, and it made me interested with the plot, the promise of a fun-filled reading pleasure. I can’t wait to read this once I’m done with George Orwell’s 1984.

I still am in the hunt for Ludlum’s Bourne trilogy, in the original Bantam covers, already ransacked a book shop one after the other, and still to no avail. I wanted to read the trilogy so badly, but I just can’t read if it’s not the edition I was lusting for. Some weird psycho thing of mine.

En passant Français Niveaux Un!

December 24, 2009

(Passing French Level 1)

I made it through Français level 1! It was facile à première, but towards the end it was un peu difficile, with all the new verbs and their proper conjugations, it was french info overload. The exam was the perfect gauge to measure our first-level proficiency with le langue de français.

Now I’m off to the second level, woot! 🙂

Emmenez-moi à Nirvana, et ensuite javelliser moi.

December 12, 2009

(Take me to Nirvana, and then bleach me)

I was scouting for stuff to give for Christmas when I accidentally came across this Nirvana CD. Apparently it was Nirvana’s debut album in 1989, and re-issued as a deluxe edition to commemorate its 20th anniversary. Wow, 20 years, I was just a 6 year-old kid at that time.

Still yet to open the CD packaging because it’s already après minuit, but nonetheless, I’m really excited to check it out. Will post photos if there are any riveting bonus material included along with the album.

BTW, never knew head-banging would look really amazing in reversed black and white.