Élevé sur la vie.

High on Life. Lately, my mental acuity on grasping profound sentiments was a bit on the crazed side. Everything were on demented ecstasy, that mere thoughts of things happening, immediately sends me into oblivion.

In times when one must face the inevitable conundrum, sometimes the best plan of action is to yield, and let fate take its divine course.

OK, that’s my articulate version of saying that I was way too confused lately with all that are happening. So what I ultimately did was surrender everything onto the One sole Divine Being, and then went to the gym, slaved my way with all the routines I can think of for 3 straight hours.

Thank God for the gift of endorphins. They worked-up and fixed my dendrites real nice.

Am very high on life right now. And it’s sending me off the ground 🙂

Am stoked. \m/


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