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L’équilibre de miel.

November 18, 2010


The balance of honey. In my daily commutes to/fro work, I have gradually acquired this habit of playing out with words just to alleviate boredom. And just last night on my home from work, I realized that the word honey, is an equilibrium in itself. A neutral word.

Now, here’s why.

When you do a backslang on the word honey, you’d get yenoh.
Ye is used sometimes to denote yes. Noh is roughly, well, the word no. So that’s a yes, and a no, in a single word, making the word honey a ying-yang in the lexicon parallel universe.


I was bored. So don’t you dare judge me.


Travaille sur un jour férié.

November 15, 2010

Surfing while working. Sounds like fun? Haha. I guess we'll never know. O R . . .

Working on a holiday. I need to be constantly reminded of the imperative reason why am working on a holiday. And that reason is, ahm. Hm … wait, I need to ask someone about that. Haha.

Well, looking at the brighter (or less dim) side of this situation … hold that thought. Can’t think of any. Hm. Ah oh yes, there’d be fewer cars on the road. No traffic. Why? Because everyone else’s in their beds still, effin’ snoring themselves away!

Eff. Anyways, just done with my routine workout, will be hitting the shower in a jiff. Not unless I got tricked by my bed and pillows into sleeping.

Ma place heureux (Deuxième Partie).

November 14, 2010

The designated official bartender.

My happy place (second part). So, right after our first dinner in SC, we went back to the villa, and then got our stuff ready for, what else, our hooch session.

I was made officially the bartender of the pack (even after the SC trip, I was the one always slaving myself away, doing the cocktails and stuff). So I got the essentials out. For the first night, it was le fantastique Grey Goose. It was the best, smoothest vodka ever. I loved it. We all loved it. Mixed it with tonic/soda, and ice, et voila! Best tasting vodka tonic ever. Even JJJ, our resident finicky alcohol drinker, gave her finicky seal of approval for that drink. Our nightly rendezvous are staged in one of the boardwalks, facing the Pacific Ocean.

Our claimed boardwalk territory. Nobody dared trespass the area while we were there. LOL.

View of the the other side of the boardwalk.

Nights at Calicoan Surf Camp is immensely mystical. Otherworldly. We often find ourselves sighing whilst looking out to the expanse of the gorgeous view laid out before our sight. What made it even more magical was the waxing gibbous moon the time when we were there, illuminating all of the Pacific Ocean, making the constantly-thrashing waves glisten like a mine of diamonds.

The waxing gibbous moon. Magical.

The four of us looking out to the gorgeous Pacific Ocean.

The infinity pool at night.


Nightfalls, we are regularly greeted by an army of … Fireflies! I have never seen them in this multitude. They’re so big in number that the trees in front of our villa literally look like they’re currently burning! LOL. I caught one, and gave it to JJJ, of which she eventually released onto the grass, after all the poking she did on the poor thing. But it still managed to fly away, so I guess it’s still OK. Haha.

Trees burnt by ... Fireflies! Those tiny specks of amber are clusters of fireflies.

Here are a few more photos of the place in daylight.

Jerome posing, not knowing I was in the infinity pool, posing for the shot as well. Haha.


Going to the dining hall, well, to dine, of course. Haha.

Our claimed area of the boardwalk in daylight. This is where I spend my early mornings reading my book, while waiting for the guys to get up.

The smile on my face in this shot is effin genuine. Haha. I love this place.

A minute before we left, we had our photo taken with the Surf Camp sign. I have a serious case of separation anxiety at this point. I don't want to leave 😦

Am definitely going back next year. Already counting down the days before going to my happy place, also known as Calicoan Surf Camp 🙂