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Comment faire pour ressembler à un zombie

January 6, 2010

(How to look like a zombie)

For two straight weeks, I have been having a complete 360 from my normal sleeping pattern. I sleep really late. So late that it’s practically a couple minutes away from daybreak. I blame the holidays for disrupting my snooze routine. I think I’m gradually turning into a zombie.

I have been working from home since the holidays, so tomorrow would be the first day I’d be going to my workplace after the long break. I can’t wait to scare people with my sullen-due-to-insufficient-sleep look. Making this my new fashion statement.

Vis-à-vis, I saw this cool plush zombie toy from this site, that you can dismember, and turn its innards in ways it’s not supposed to. Even the size of the brain (the pink one shaped like a ball) is so proportionally correct. I’d like to own a hundred of these, and place them randomly in a rectangular glass case, for everyone to gawk at, whilst shuddering and muttering “how cute?”.

In the meantime, I’d be reading a book, see if I could summon the oh so elusive sleepiness by ignoring the fact that I should be sleeping by now (it”s already 2:08 AM). And if, IF after an hour I’m still wide awake, I would guzzle 3 mugs of coffee, take a shower, and get ready for work.


Le Adam Lambert

January 5, 2010

While I was out last night, I bought this debut album from The Adam Lambert. Je suis un très grand fan of his. He is sensational. Killer vocals, exquisite stage presence, tremendous performance (notice the superlatives). A true artist.

However, I don’t like the album that much. It’s so, uhmm.. rock-retro-ish. Time for Miracles was the most outstanding track in the album, which turns out to be a bonus number. Though it’s got a couple or three tracks that I dig, like Aftermath, Music Again, and A Loaded Smile.

And the inlay is so tacky. I know he’s gay, but he needs not be that much in-your-face flamboyant. The gayness of the inlay is as reverberating as his voice. It reverberates through the layers of my corneas, at the cellular level. It hurts.

Maybe this is just a classic case of I-like-it-after-7-album-playbacks. I’m giving it another earshot.

——- UPDATE :

After 5 album playbacks, every single one of them tracks kinda grew on me. I like it now. And while I’m at it, may I point out noticeable striking similarities with Blake Lewis’ (AI Season 6(?) runner-up) debut album Audio Daydream. The sound, the melody, the arrangements, the beat in most of the tracks, sans the beatbox.

And the album cover arts of the Lewis and Lambert CDs are oh so twins-ical. Both are in a variety of purple hues, reminiscent of the Mac OS X Leopard cosmos wallpaper. And oh what do you know, they’re even both AI runner-ups, and these are both their debut albums. Coincidence? Teasing, of course it’s perfectly part of the randomness whole.

Un point pour Paul Van Dyk.. Un million points pour DJ Tiësto

January 3, 2010

(1 point for Paul Van Dyk.. 1 million points for DJ Tiësto)

I got the The Best Of CD of Paul Van Dyk.

Well, it was good. But to my dismay, it was not great. Every sales person in all the record bars I ransacked, hunting for that not-so new album of Tiësto, were all giddy and in hype recommending this Van Dyk best-of compilation.

Tiësto still is by far the best in the house music genre.

However, I still don’t have that latest record from le DJ Tiësto.

Vingt sept

January 3, 2010

Je suis vingt sept adjourd’hui. And in another 3 years I’d be thirty. Add another 30 and I’d be sixty.

Before falling asleep last night, I tried looking back at all the birthdays that I had, and pick the one most outstanding. It turns out, there’s none. All my birthdays were the same. Uneventful. The usual trips to the mall, eating out in a restaurant. But then again I am not that type of person who likes being the center of attention.

The drawback of having your birthday within the jovial perimeter of the year-end holidays (Christmas and New Year) is that everybody’s exhausted from all the partying. Too nauseated to jug one’s way to another bottle of tequila. So no events in another week after the New Year’s Eve. And at Christmas, the card that comes with the gift always says Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Happy Birthday.

Maybe next year I can get to celebrate my birthday slothfully lying in a hammock at the beach, sipping cranberry juice on crushed ice with a hint of rum, reading a good book, with Bob Marley and the Wailers reggae-ing their way through my iPod. Wow that is something. I’d like to have that.

Le diamant gros comme le Ritz

January 2, 2010

A very interesting short story from the master of opulent novels, F. Scott Fitzgerald. One of the highlights of the story was when Mr. Washington attempted to bribe God with gigantesque diamonds. The scene was so preposterous that air came shooting out of my mouth and nose, producing a sound that somewhat resembles a compressed belch while laughing.

Decals pour MacBook Pros

January 1, 2010

I saw a number of interesting decals for MacBook Pros at etsy. I hate the idea of sticking anything on my MBP, it’s upfront defacing of an immaculate creature. But upon seeing the witty decals, and the fact that these can be easily removed without any of those sticky yucky stuff leaving a trace in the pristine aluminum surface, I considered getting one for my MBP.

Here are a few of my options:

I dunno, but this decal reminds me so much of Ikea, that’s why I like it 🙂

Cool Apple Kicks 🙂

A very neat Newton decal 🙂


January 1, 2010

The dad of my friend Jinky, just died a few minutes ago. I was really shocked with the news, because when she told me around afternoon that they took her dad to the hospital due to breathing difficulties I took the event as normal thinking that it might be just due to the firework fumes from last night’s New Year’s event. I was not really expecting this, and I guess neither did my friend. And the new year just started, it’s really sad.

My sincerest condolences to my friend, and to her family.