Luxure de voiture

Car lust. The Mitsubishi ASX is one of them perfect case in point of things that gradually grows on you. Well, actually, grow is not an apt term, more like stealthily-creeps-and-manipulates-your-dendrites-until-you-think-otherwise. LOL.

At initial glance, you’d just see a vehicle that highly resembles a Lancer Evo, on steroids. But every single time I do grocery at Trinoma, this gorgeous heap of metal deliberately greets me with its wide grin (it’s been displayed on a podium near the supermarket entrance), and a pair of squinting, but smiling, headlights.

It’s über dashing. I lust over it. Just waiting for a diesel variant to come storming its way into the Philippine market, and will get one myself in a snap.



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