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Fùtbol astuce nombre quatre.

August 30, 2010

Fùtbol trick number four. Running with the ball using outside of the foot. Hey, if that adorable li’l guy can do it, so can I! LOL. This is imperatively basic, and yet one needs to realize which part of the foot should be utilized to properly control the ball whilst on the move.

Mental jot: Touch. Touch.


Fùtbol astuce nombre trois.

August 30, 2010

Fùtbol trick number three. Juggling with alternate thighs. Hm. I’m still workin’ on my single-thigh-dribble, so this would be next right after I successfully move past count 10.

Pourquoi J’aime Milan Kundera.

August 30, 2010

Milan Kundera

Why I love Milan Kundera. Not a big fan of his (yet), and never read any of his works (yet). But today (as it was due for covering seize des mes livres in plastic) as I was browsing through his novel The Unbearable Lightness of Being, I got to read that Monsieur Kundera is in fact, a Franco-Czech.


I have always thought (well, one of my offbeat bizarre musings) that in my previous life, I was a struggling french artist living in Prague, and Milan Kundera actually IS one! Well, his was the other way round. He’s actually a Czech exiled in Paris. But the slight difference does not matter since he spent most of his life in two of mes villes préférées en Europe. How cool is that!

Pont de Saint Charles avec le chapeau de fedora.

Fun stuff, I noticed that on the book cover is a floating fedora hat in, where else, les fameux Charles Bridge in Prague 🙂 Le livre was originally written and published en français.
And just like that, his book was abruptly tagged next in my book queue list.
I can already tell that I am going to love this book, can’t wait to wolf it all down, verbatim.

Fùtbol astuce nombre deux.

August 29, 2010

Fùtbol trick number two. There’s no official name to it, but the vid coined it as popcorn due its sudden popping-like movement onto midair just like any kernel corn made to pop would do.

Now THIS I can do.

Les fabuleux Inglourious Basterds.

August 29, 2010

This movie has been sitting on queue in my to-watch list, and I finally got the chance to see it, and it is sooo guh-oo-ood. I never really liked WWII-based films (well, except for Defiance), but this one’s rivetingly amazing.

Je suis dans l'amour avec elle. *sigh*

I’m officially in love with Mélanie Laurent, she’s immensely gorgeous in this film, et elle parle très, très bon français. Bon, mais bien sûr, elle est française. Haha.

Le café scène. J'aime Shosana.

I particularly loved this café scene where while reading a book, she was abruptly interrupted by Fredrick Zoller (played by Daniel Brühl). It’s fun to see her get annoyed and still look mesmerizingly lovely.

And Col. Hans Landa  (played by Christoph Waltz) was surprisingly effective in extorting helluva annoyance from me towards his character. Cunning, sly, and smart, perfect attributes to hate someone with all your gut.

I love villains that are multi-lingual, and in Hans Landa’s case, he’s fluent in german (well, of course he’s a Nazi), french, english, and italian. There’s this one funny scene where Bridget von Hammersmark was introducing her 3 escorts (includes Brad Pitt) as italians, and amazingly, Col. Landa made a conversation with the escorts in flawless Italian, of to which all Aldo Raine (portrayed by  Brad Pitt) replied with sì in South American accent. LOL.

There’s this one clever frame in the movie that I can’t get out of my head. It’s the one with the encounter in the basement tavern with the Nazis, where the bartender, sensing a plausible violent altercate inside the bar, was slowly and carefully reaching out for his shotgun, safely clipped at the counter side, with his reading as decoy of what he’s actually doing. With the shotgun, the book, the amber-colored hooch on the party’s table, and the party members themselves, all in the same frame is so impressive.

Fùtbol astuce nombre un.

August 29, 2010

Fùtbol trick number one. The double crossover kick is pretty advanced, and yes I am aware that it would be extremely ambitious for me to manifest a futile attempt . But hey, trying it out wouldn’t hurt, right? … Or would it. Hm.

Paul Wood makes it look like it’s as easy as turning pages of a book. I hate him for that.

I need to check and try this one out. But first, I have got to scout for a good pair of fùtbol chaussures.

Mon première fútbol.

August 28, 2010

My first football. Finally got this adiPure Glider fùtbol from Adidas. I originally wanted to get that FIFA 2010 official Adidas fùtbol, but for the insane price of $160, I opted for the $25 sibling.

Irritatingly funny story while I was looking for a fùtbol in Ayala, Makati today.

I went to Toby’s and asked the saleslady if they’ve got a fùtbol.
She then said “Ah, sir, this way please”.
I followed her toward the floor-to-ceiling stack of balls.
I picked up a Mikasa fùtbol amongst the menagerie of neatly stacked balls.
And then, she said “Aaah, that’s not football, you meant soccer”.

Whaaaaat the effing eff?!!

Then I said “This IS fùtbol, and not soccer”.
I realized I got slightly vexed because that got delivered a wee bit pitchy.

Dammit. I hate that the Americans coined fùtbol, soccer, and that run-wrestle game that has so little to do with foot-ball movement, they wondrously call football. It’s blasphemous to refer to fùtbol as soccer.

Anyways, I’d be practicing with mon fùtbol all weekend long. Will probably sleep with it by my side starting tonight. Haha.

C’est quatres jours de Maxwell

August 28, 2010

It’s four days of Maxwell. Or should I say, it has been four days of playing the Maxwell song Changed. I had it playing all day long, (during my morning workout, my travel to/fro work, at the office). And the song still is currently on play as I type this.

I’m a big Maxwell fan, got all his albums except the one with unplugged (I hate unplugged versions). Anyways, I never did pay much attention to this specific song before. It was just one of those good tracks of Maxwell, but never the outstanding single.

C’est une chanson vraiment triste. The lyrics, awesome. Started with things with the guy’s childhood, something good abruptly taken from him, realizing that same thing’s currently happening to him. Girl and guy had a really good one. Girl leaves guy immensely heartbroken. Guy struggles to get over the girl. Guy finally moved on (possibly with a new girl). Then girl realizing this, comes back to the guy. Guy terribly shaken with the ex-girl’s comeback. Guy still loves the girl. Guy sticks to his changed mind. Logical reasoning prevails.

Back when I was 4 or 3

clouds came rushing round into my sunshine
clouds got a hold of me they brought me way, way down
clouds so my baby believed but you were not around

So now what you trying to be
what you trying to, trying to do to me
you got me catching feelings with an urgency
now that I’ve changed my mind

Sorry I wasn’t sure of your love
ooh sorry so once afraid that you would figure out the crutch
then make a move and come and go and go and leave
me like the others left me, when things got deep
before you make me go girl, promise you won’t do that to me
mmnm baby

Now what you trying to be
what you trying to, trying to do to me
you got me catching feelings in the third degree
now that I’ve changed my mind

Everything was just fine
when you wanted to ruin my life
now it’s plain and easy for me to see
now that I’ve changed my mind

Now that I don’t want to settle the score
game? I ain’t never felt so free
now that I don’t want to hurt no more
there’s plenty more left for me

Cuz everything was just fine
you wanted to ruin my life
I’ts plain for me to see (and it’s plain and easy for me to see)
now that I’ve changed my mind

So now what you trying to be
what you trying to be baby (trying to do to me)
oh (feelings in the third degree)
now that I’ve changed my mind (now that I’ve changed my mind)

So now what you trying to be
what you trying to, trying to do to me
feelings with an urgency
now that I’ve changed my mind (now that I’ve changed my mind)

So now what you trying to be
ah ooh woo woo yeah (trying to do to me)
feelings in the third degree
now that I’ve changed, now that I’ve changed my mind (changed my mind)

It’s really an S&M song to me, LOL. One loves hurting the other, the other loves being hurt.

Je désire ce.

August 25, 2010

I want this. I don’t know what took me this damn long to realize that I sooo want one.

And I want my foosball players to be personalized, mini-mes of my favorite football players, like Iniesta, Messi, Tzorvas, Lampard, Gerrard, Villa, Xavi and Xabi (Alonso), Casillas, Meireles, Simao, and of course le legende Diego Maradona. Have to save up to get myself one of these babies.

Un mois avant Surf Camp

August 22, 2010

(A month before Surf Camp)

I was checking out my calendar the other day, when I noticed it’s only a month to go before hitting Surf Camp in Calicoan, Leyte! I got all giddy the moment I had mental images of going to the one place we’ve been planning to go to, since mid of last year. I got so giddy that I had this sudden urge to pee. LOL.

We’d be leaving early morning of 9/24, and be back on the 27th. That’s four days of incessant surfing. I pray for clear skies and adamant waves, during our stay there. I can’t wait! 🙂

With this in the itinerary, today officially marks my month-long prep of working out.

I still have to get one of them rash guards for the trip.

Le Norwegian Wood.

August 14, 2010

Like Catcher in the Rye, I never got tired of the story. Somehow I can relate to the protagonist on his stoic (or so it seems) take on life. Every spring when I go on vacation, two books are tucked dans le valise by default. It’s like taking Toru and Holden with me, on a trip.

Just recently I gave a copy of Norwegian Wood to a project teammate. She immediately got hooked to the story (after my nth annoying persistence with her to finally read the book). She’s such a keen observer of the scenes, and of the characters as well, that I got envy and made me read alongside her pace.

This book makes me feel peacefully crestfallen. Every single time. The same thing I feel when things don’t go my way, but decided to shrug it all off, and move on.

Je suis malade, encore.

August 9, 2010

Woke up around 2AM, feeling feverish yet again. Damn the colds. I was feeling a bit better yesterday (been sick since the other day), so it just ain’t OK for a rerun. I rarely get sick nowadays, but when I do, it tends to stick around, like an overly needy puppy (I won’t mind if it’s a choco labrador, BTW).

I’d like a soup please.

C’est enfin là!

August 8, 2010

It’s finally here! The Ikea Flat Iron Building wall poster that Tenok gave me as a move-in present for my place next year 🙂 I’ve been eyeing this gorgeous, gorgeous, photo at Ikea for the past two years, and last May my sister bought it for me, so happy 🙂 My sister had it sent via courier since I can’t have it checked-in on the plane because of its irregular dimensions.

It’s so huge (200 cm x 140 cm) that it will definitely cover an entire section of a wall. Can’t wait to finally move in my place, and hang one of my fave NYC landmarks in my living room.

Je suis retour (encore)

August 8, 2010

(Moi, ma sœur, mon beau-frère, et les fabuleux twins)

D’accord, so the blogging hiatus this time was a bit longer than expected. Was supposed to post photos of me and my nieces during my stay with them in Nouveau York en Mai, but I got busy with work the moment I got back.

The weather outside is gloomy, perfect day to read a good book, curled in my bed. I’d be getting back to my book in a bit.