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Élevé sur la vie.

June 28, 2011

High on Life. Lately, my mental acuity on grasping profound sentiments was a bit on the crazed side. Everything were on demented ecstasy, that mere thoughts of things happening, immediately sends me into oblivion.

In times when one must face the inevitable conundrum, sometimes the best plan of action is to yield, and let fate take its divine course.

OK, that’s my articulate version of saying that I was way too confused lately with all that are happening. So what I ultimately did was surrender everything onto the One sole Divine Being, and then went to the gym, slaved my way with all the routines I can think of for 3 straight hours.

Thank God for the gift of endorphins. They worked-up and fixed my dendrites real nice.

Am very high on life right now. And it’s sending me off the ground 🙂

Am stoked. \m/


Danse. Maintenant.

June 26, 2011

Dance. Now. It’s the direct subtle command, reverberating incessantly with each single bass beat in every one of them tracks included in Brit’s current album, Femme Fatale.

The album is so Tïesto-ish (checkout track Trip to Your Heart. Splendid), that when you shut your blinkers with the sound on the background, one is immediately sent into an insanely blissful trance. And I bet even Monsieur Vivaldi would hastily agree.

And it’s so amazing how the beats swiftly conjure two words, am reminded almost instantly … Beach. Booze.

This is her best album to date. With Blackout as the runner-up.

Am stoked. \m/

Les beats sont enfin là.

June 12, 2011

The beats are finally here.  My mom arrived a few days ago, and with her coming home for vacay here in Manila are my fantastic amazing set of IEMs, my Beats Tour 🙂

My pair of Apple IEMs were functioning really swell, since I got it February of last year, until the right monitor suddenly died on me a month ago 😐 I did everything to revive it. I opened it, removed the metal mesh, tried to blow very light air onto it making sure no soot can linger no more.

To my immense dismay, it’s broken beyond my meager newbie repair attempts. I still have not yet fully recovered from the too-early demise of my Apple IEMs, struck down in its prime, but I have got to scout for its immediate successor. So with that in mind, I managed to muster all the courage I could. I opened my Mac, connected to the internet, and bought a pair of Beats Tour from Amazon.

And now they’re here.  😀

They’re absolutely stunning. Its crimson color is matte enough that it’s not blindingly striking to look at. And I like the way that the wires are flat as to prevent the inevitable mind boggling tangles that the ordinary rounded wires are effin’ prone to. They also come with ear hooks, to put the IEMs in place like when working out or something. And the carrying case looks neat.

The sounds are of rich bass, and the minute details that normal earphones leave out, this captures them pretty nice.

The only issue I have with these IEMs, if the wires were left hanging in its full length midair, it puts the weight tension onto the IEMs while inserted in my ear, so in turn my ears get a bit sore. And that can get quite annoying. As compared to the lighter Apple IEMs.

But overall, am delighted with my purchase. I hope these would last me at least 7+ years.

Plus qu’un club.

June 2, 2011

Més que un club. More than a club. That is of course, none other than FCB, the winning club of 2011 UEFA Champions League’s, scored 3-1 against Manchester United (champions of England’s premiere league, but not of Europe’s obviously, haha). Am so hyped-up with this match, that I need not an alarm to rouse me from deep early morning slumber.

The match was aired live 0230 hours of May 29. Surprisingly, a number of people I know were also up to catch the game. And also to my much surprise, I was the only one rooting for Barça. Don’t you just love it when one doesn’t have to share the final evil resonating laugh (BWAHAHAHA).

Man of the Match, is of course, The Messi. But, frankly, as much as I immensely admire the guy, I wanted Van der Sar be the MoM of the finals game. He played fairly well, and he’s scheduled to retire right after this match. VDS efficiently kept his goal (FCB midfielders went at it every so minutes), but a goalie can only do so much, more effort is required from them defenders.

Edwin, screaming instructions to ManU defenders. (Poor, poor defense).


It was a great play, though I was expecting more from Giggs, and Ferdinand. Rooney was as expected, though he’s a getting a bit slow. Personally, with the way ManU handled the game, I think they don’t even stand a fair chance against Real Madrid.

OK. Next, Roland Garros. Go Fed! \m/