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Avant … le lever du soleil, coucher du soleil, minuit.

May 1, 2013


Before … sunrise, sunset, midnight. It’s labor day today, so my wife and I get to spend time together, catching up on stuff. We both have not seen Before Sunrise and Before Sunset, so we decided to check those out.

I have heard raves on these movies years ago, including those from my brother-in-law. that these are two of the best films out there. I did not pay much attention then since the title sounded like one of them Pierce Brosnan James Bond films. Haha.

The films are indeed awesome! The plot is so simple, and yet so excitingly riveting. The scene, the actors, the lines, are so innately intimate, that it feels like am deliberately eavesdropping on a couple’s entire conversation.

In Before Sunrise, I love so many scenes, like how they got acquainted in the train, their conversations inside the tram, the one where they got into a listening booth in a record store (with those sheepishly awkward side-way glances, then immediately turning their eyes away), the one with the poet on the bridge who made them a poem with the word milkshake in it in exchange for money, to name a few.

In Before Sunset, it’s funny how realistic it is that after they got out of Shakespeare and Company bookstore, they were so engrossed in their catch-up conversation, that they went around a few blocks twice. I also love the scene where Celine momentarily snapped because of Jesse apparently taking all of her romantic side with him, leaving nothing for her succeeding lovers. And also love the scene where Celine sang something to Jesse, when they were up in her flat.

We’re just waiting for Before Midnight to be shown in local cinemas. Can hardly wait for that.

Anyways, it’s already 5AM, thin rays of the sun are slowly piercing its way through the raven black sky, must hit the sack before, uhm, well, sunrise.


Les fabuleux Inglourious Basterds.

August 29, 2010

This movie has been sitting on queue in my to-watch list, and I finally got the chance to see it, and it is sooo guh-oo-ood. I never really liked WWII-based films (well, except for Defiance), but this one’s rivetingly amazing.

Je suis dans l'amour avec elle. *sigh*

I’m officially in love with Mélanie Laurent, she’s immensely gorgeous in this film, et elle parle très, très bon français. Bon, mais bien sûr, elle est française. Haha.

Le café scène. J'aime Shosana.

I particularly loved this café scene where while reading a book, she was abruptly interrupted by Fredrick Zoller (played by Daniel Brühl). It’s fun to see her get annoyed and still look mesmerizingly lovely.

And Col. Hans Landa  (played by Christoph Waltz) was surprisingly effective in extorting helluva annoyance from me towards his character. Cunning, sly, and smart, perfect attributes to hate someone with all your gut.

I love villains that are multi-lingual, and in Hans Landa’s case, he’s fluent in german (well, of course he’s a Nazi), french, english, and italian. There’s this one funny scene where Bridget von Hammersmark was introducing her 3 escorts (includes Brad Pitt) as italians, and amazingly, Col. Landa made a conversation with the escorts in flawless Italian, of to which all Aldo Raine (portrayed by  Brad Pitt) replied with sì in South American accent. LOL.

There’s this one clever frame in the movie that I can’t get out of my head. It’s the one with the encounter in the basement tavern with the Nazis, where the bartender, sensing a plausible violent altercate inside the bar, was slowly and carefully reaching out for his shotgun, safely clipped at the counter side, with his reading as decoy of what he’s actually doing. With the shotgun, the book, the amber-colored hooch on the party’s table, and the party members themselves, all in the same frame is so impressive.

Cinq cents jours de l’Été

November 16, 2009

500 days of Summer

(500 days of Summer)

First time I saw the teaser, head-over-heels cheesiness went screaming out. Well no point in arguing, it is a cheesy movie. But not the I-am-already-frothing-in-the-mouth-with-all-the-tweenie-chummy-chum-can-I-go-now type. It was light, but not bovine. And somewhere along the story, there’d be some scenes that I’m sure anybody can relate to, that it happened in real life, at one point.

Some scenes had a fresh way of being presented, like that one where the director tries to display in parallel Tom’s perception of reality and his expectation. I also like the time lapse scene after Tom quits his job. I also like the elevator scene, where Summer figures out the band playing on Tom’s pod. And that one office scene where Tom dials the audio of a Smiths song up a couple of notches so that Summer (while heading towards the exit) can hear it and might turn and look. Yes, it was pathetic (hands and feet down), but it was so realistic.

The only thing I find tacky was Tom’s job. I mean, writing greeting cards?! It already is revoltingly tacky in itself, it hurts. euuuch :s But I have to admit, it was cleverly concealed, that this side can only be noticed by a tacky-sensitive audience.

By the way, the guy reminds me of the late Heath Ledger, and the girl looks a tad Katy Perry-ish. And the narrator, a rip-off of the Pushing Daisies series’ voice over.

Great cinematography, reminded me so much of the french movie Amelie Poulain.

Vous-etes tournage ce?

September 20, 2009

Cine Europa 12 - Rec

(Are you recording this?)

Been planning since first week of September to at least have 4 days saved up for visual-devouring every single one of the 18 Cine Europa 2009 entries. But of course, that was just a plan. It was too perfect a plan, so now, I ended up watching just one, in the very last day of the screening. Well, at least I get to see one before the event officially ends this year.

I went with my sister, and when we reached the Shangri-la Cineplex floor, it was reminiscent of registration day in La Salle. Crowded, long winding lines, and the best part, it was not effing moving at all! We fell in line at 5 PM, the counter for Cine Europa started handing out tickets at 7 PM, that’s 2 effing hours, standing, doing practically nothing. Nada. And my sister, who has a doctorate in whining, was doing just that for 120 minutes.

I never checked what would be on for the 730 PM screening, so when we’re in, it was the Spanish film Rec (short for record). The movie is about this reporter with her camera guy who’s shooting an episode for their show about things that happen in the wee hours in the city. So for that particular episode they took on the firemen. The movie is in the perspective of the cameraman through the lens, so it’s pretty much like the Blair Witch Project.

Anyway, the movie started pretty much of a snooze fest, just some random pretty girl (who’s hot by the way ;)) making a shoot for a show, yadda yadda. They went to a fire department and tagged along to a couple of firemen who went to attend to a call about an accident in a residential building.

But the moment the scene enters the building, it’s nerve-racking up until the VERY end. The suspense level builds up to double, every 5 or so minutes, to the point that the anticipation level was so high that everybody in the cinema were screaming, shrieking. And by everybody, I mean every single person in that movie hall. Including myself. And I’m a picky audience. I save up my emotions to scenes that really begs for it effectively. A number of people were even jumping from their seats from too much suspense, I hope no one pissed accidentally, haha! 😀 It’s pretty much like watching a Pacquiao fight in the big screen, everybody’s reacting.

My movie-adrenalin was never this pumped-up since the flick Taken (so good that it made me forget how parched I was at that time), to think that it’s only half of the suspense there is in Rec.

I was really looking forward to seeing Toi et Moi (You and Me), but Rec very much quenched my Cine Europa itch 🙂 ‘Til next year! B)

Cine Europa Douze (Deux Mille Neuf) à Manille

August 31, 2009

Cine Europa 12(Cine Europa 12 (2009) in Manila)

Whew, the wait is finally over, it’s here once again! Cine Europa 12 will be held from September 11-20, 2009, that’s a week from now 😀

I will definitely make up for whatever I missed from last year’s screening. Dans l’année deux mille sept (2007) I got to see a lot of good european movies, I hope the screenings this year would be more entertaining, and informative. I remember Jala! Jala!, had a laughing fit while watching that one 🙂 And the film adaptation of Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew, even it was too long a movie, with all the looooong boring lines, it still is pretty interesting, although some of the people at the theatre were snoring rather shrewdly 😛

There are officially dix-huit entries for the event, and I was wondering why there’s only un film de français included (Toi et Moi). Hope to catch all the 18 movies 🙂

Kærlighed På Film (Just Another Love Story) -Denmark

S Certy Nejsou Zerty (Give the Devil His Due) -Czech Republic

Freigesprochen (Free to Leave) -Austria

Tmavomodry Svet (Dark Blue World) -Czech Republic

Joulutarina (A Christmas Story) -Finland














En haut!

August 20, 2009


I’m excited to see the movie later, been waiting for this to be shown in Manila since I came back from the US last May, and finally I’ll get to see it!

Seems like a really fun flick!

UPDATE: I had fun watching the movie! We even saw it at a cinema with laz-e-boy-like seats, which made the experience extremely comfy. Mr. Fredrickson even looks like one of my close friends 😀 It is amazing how this movie plays with the audiences’ emotions. At the very start of the movie, I was laughing really loud, cute scenes, funny lines. Ten minutes after  I was really sad.