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Moi vs. les valises

April 30, 2010

(Me versus luggages)

Exactly six heures avant mon 6-week vacation (oh yeah, it’s that loooong :D), still have to pack my things. This is such a feat as everything that I’d be bringing should be in les valises in an hour. Haha. Bonne chance à moi.

Anyway, the vacation still has not sinked in yet, and here I am, still typing away on my Mac instead of starting on the rush packing.

Au revoir, Manille. À tout à l’heure, Cité de Nouveau York!


Le marathon de livre.

April 26, 2010

(The book marathon)

Nearing my month-long vacation in le fa-bu-lous Nouveau York, it suddenly dawned on me that my targeted book deadline (yes, I do schedule my reading activity as to catch-up with my 200+ book backlog) to finishing The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle (by le talentueux artisan Monsieur Murakami) is in 3 days. That’s 3 days of fast-paced reading! Considering that I only read while in transit to/fro work. I need to wolf-down the remaining 150 pages of the 607-page novel within the span of six 1.5 hour commutes.

After Wind-Up, I’d be doing an attempt to climb my literary Everest. Tolstoy‘s War and Peace. Am I prepared for the written journey of epic proportions? Am I book-brave enough to trod the earth of Tsarist Russia, and mingle with the aristocrats?

I am having second thoughts.

In the meantime, I still need to find the answer to Toru Okada’s enigmatic existence. Or is there really an answer to all the questions (question is such an underrated term for my musings)? Haruki, are you playing another one of your bizarre literary pranks? I love it when you make a confused fool out of me.

Le fameux question

April 25, 2010

(The famous question)

All throughout our earthly existence, we are constantly bombarded with routinely periodical questions. By period I meant per phase of our lives, and by routinely I meant the question will be asked as if part of a life protocol handbook (if there’s one), under the mandatorily-asked questions chapter.

For instance, back when we were like 4 years old, people ask us if we’re already going to school. Then in a few years the next question would be when would you be graduating from primary school.

If you are a Filipino male nearing your teens, you will be asked if you already are circumcised. If you answered no, notice the sudden elevated pitch in the questioner’s voice in asking the follow-up question “how come?!“.

A few years in middle school you will then be asked when will you be graduating.

Then the next questions nearing middle school graduation would be, what college would you be attending, and what will you be taking up. Then after a few years, you will be asked if when you will be graduating from college.

After college, you will be asked where do you go to work. And for those sly questioners, a follow-up inappropriate “how much are you earning?“.

At 27, I noticed the one perpetual infamous question unceasingly thrown at me, “When will you get married?“. It’s so infamous (and famous, for that matter) that I cannot recall someone down to the level of mere acquaintance that still have not asked me the question.

Just this very minute, I was popped by a friend from Canada, and her opening remark was “When’s the wedding?“. No “hi how are you?“, even the classic “hello” was left out.

This is beginning to amuse me.