Avant … le lever du soleil, coucher du soleil, minuit.


Before … sunrise, sunset, midnight. It’s labor day today, so my wife and I get to spend time together, catching up on stuff. We both have not seen Before Sunrise and Before Sunset, so we decided to check those out.

I have heard raves on these movies years ago, including those from my brother-in-law. that these are two of the best films out there. I did not pay much attention then since the title sounded like one of them Pierce Brosnan James Bond films. Haha.

The films are indeed awesome! The plot is so simple, and yet so excitingly riveting. The scene, the actors, the lines, are so innately intimate, that it feels like am deliberately eavesdropping on a couple’s entire conversation.

In Before Sunrise, I love so many scenes, like how they got acquainted in the train, their conversations inside the tram, the one where they got into a listening booth in a record store (with those sheepishly awkward side-way glances, then immediately turning their eyes away), the one with the poet on the bridge who made them a poem with the word milkshake in it in exchange for money, to name a few.

In Before Sunset, it’s funny how realistic it is that after they got out of Shakespeare and Company bookstore, they were so engrossed in their catch-up conversation, that they went around a few blocks twice. I also love the scene where Celine momentarily snapped because of Jesse apparently taking all of her romantic side with him, leaving nothing for her succeeding lovers. And also love the scene where Celine sang something to Jesse, when they were up in her flat.

We’re just waiting for Before Midnight to be shown in local cinemas. Can hardly wait for that.

Anyways, it’s already 5AM, thin rays of the sun are slowly piercing its way through the raven black sky, must hit the sack before, uhm, well, sunrise.


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