Passeport pour l’Europe.


Passport to Europe. Hosted by the amazingly witty, Samantha Brown. For those who are not familiar with the series, it’s a TV show produced for the Travel Channel, where Sam goes to one breathtaking European city after another. I was staying at my sister’s place for 6 months somewhere in the Bay Area, almost a decade ago, when the series started airing. I remember how religiously glued I was in front of the TV every single time the show is on.

Sam hosted the Great Hotels and Amazing Weekend series as well, also aired on the Travel Channel, prior to hosting Passport to Europe. The very first time I saw her on TV, I was immediately drawn to her. She has this way of describing the most mundane of objects, making it rivetingly engaging to the audience. One time she was giving a detailed description on how plush and luxurious a throw pillow is in her hotel boudoir, that it made me feel like I was right there running my fingers, squeezing the down-filled cushion myself. She can efficiently appeal to the senses, as if you were there with her, tasting the food she was eating and the drink she was having, feeling the smoothness of a marble sculpture or the chilling winter-exposed bridge railing, smelling the jasmine-scent filled air of the Tuscan region.


I recently had a copy of the season 1 of the Passport to Europe series. Each episode is played to exhaustion, but I never get tired of it, as expected. As a matter of fact, the Brussels episode is currently playing as I type away.

I was searching for the season 2, via Amazon and iTunes. However, for some reason, it’s only available for digital purchase, and to my much dismay, is not available for purchase outside US.  And I am so looking forward to virtually tread the streets of Greece, Scandinavia, and other of the Euro cities featured in the second season 😦

To the very talented Samantha Brown, if by any chance you get to read this, please, PLEASE, please help me out to acquire a copy of the season 2 of Passport to Europe. I would be perpetually grateful to you if I get to have a copy of the series. Thank you.


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