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January 11, 2011

Beer! We made a short walk from the hotel to that Napoli store towards the end of downtown Stjørdal, in the midst of the tundra-ish Norwegian weather (-11 degrees Celsius), just to get ourselves half a liter of this gorgeous amber Dahls draft beer. It’s so amazingly good, that with only a mere distant memory of its taste, I boldly endured the freezing 10-minute walk, all shivery (sans a winter coif, gloves, thermals), as if am in convulsive fever.

Dahls is a locally produced brew here in Trondheim. It is divine. Ambrosial. It is clean and crisp, like newly melted snow from the Himalayas (am just making an allegory, not that I have already tasted such, but you get where am getting at :p). You can really taste that distinct umpft of the hops’ lucid bitterness, against subtle hints of floral and fruity tang.

Am a big fan.


Une petite balade au centre-ville Stjørdal.

January 10, 2011

A quick stroll to downtown Stjørdal.  I went out looking for public payphones, planning to place a call to Manila. It’s only 4PM, but checkout how eerily dark it is outside. It’s like the Twilight Zone, only that it has streets lined with trees that have light bulbs for leaves, and with charming shops stacked neatly right next to each other.

The temperature is blissfully freezing. My kind of weather. Snow was constantly falling for like 4 hours straight today.

That’s me, trying to restrain my jaw from involuntary clenching my teeth. I just love the way I shiver my way into oblivion.


On my way back, I came across this adorable display of one of them stores within the freezing downtown perimeter. It’s like a showcase of trinkets and fixtures meant for ice queens, princesses, and royalty-frozen-diva-what-have-yous.

I am bored.

Mon Norvégienne dimanche dîner.

January 9, 2011

My Norwegian Sunday dinner. Canned tuna in water, and a danish bread.

I know, these are not the makings of a decent Sunday dinner, but this is better than sleeping on a grumpy tummy. Stores are closed here in Stjørdal (exact place where we’re located) on Sundays, so I tried ransacking my imagination of what would provide me that interim  bogus satiety, as I carefully checked all 3 aisles of the only convenient store that has the perpetual mercy to open up in all of tundra-ish Stjørdal.

I hate to admit it, but I enjoyed the cold lonely dinner I had.

Je suis dans La Norvège

January 9, 2011

I’m in Norway. And have never thought that the first place I’d be going to in Europe would be freezing, land-of-the-midnight-sun Norway.
Well, technically, I stepped into Amsterdam first. However that was only for transit, so that does not count.

The last few weeks of December 2010, and the first few days of January 2011 were effin’ kuh-kuh-crrrazy-eeh. Let’s just say that sleep was the last thing on my list. Onset of my Euro-flight, I only had a total of 8 hours worth of sleep, for 4 days.

Anyways, departure flight was 1135 hours of January 4, final destination Trondheim, Norway. It was a 14-hour flight from Manila to Amsterdam. KLM food was, uhm, mediocre. Worse, it was mundane. I was so used to flying Korean Air that I’m used to fun food, specifically my all time fave, Bibimbap. Haha. But I have got to hand it out to them KLM guys, they were so frequent in giving out drinks throughout the duration of the flight, that I was overly confident that I can go on for a week without having even a tiny teeny drop of liquid and not go dehydrated. I was raiding the serving tray of drinks like a madman.

We arrived around 6PM in Amsterdam. Schiphol Airport is, uhm, fine. South Korea’s Incheon International Airport still is, by far, the best for me. Anyways. Schiphol is a very tourist-friendly airport. The signs were never confusing. I was headed toward terminal B. And was surprised to see a line queued for what I perceived as an immigration check. The person at the counter asked some couple random questions about my trip, and stuff, then went through the X-ray machine.

The long, fast-paced walk (and by fast-paced, I meant my usual injury-prone fast-paced gait) I did from terminal F (arrival) to terminal B (departure of connecting flight), plus getting in line for the documents check, took me around 1.5 hours, that I only waited for 30 minutes for my 8PM flight to Trondheim.

Upon boarding time, we were led to a bus, that goes straight out to the airstrip where 4-seats-a-row KLM planes wereparked. I was seated next to a really tall guy (around 6 foot 4) who’s got these two, long,  narrow cone shells (one red, one black) for ear piercings. Both on the same earlobe.  It’s like having to stab someone with a very long knife, but the knife was perceived ornamental that it was eventually left where it was stabbed into. Anyways, this guy is so tall, that while seated, his legs needed be bent sideways against the seat in front of him, just to make that comfy sitting position. All I can say is … helloooo deep vein thrombosis.

We arrived in Trondheim 30 past 10PM. I withdrew NOK 200 first for my cab fare. People were entering this wine-and-choco duty free shop, that I was subtly enticed to checkout as well. I went out carrying nothing, but I found a really interesting Chupaha Chups lollipop, as big as a size 5 football. I was so amazed that I forgot to take a photo.

I went straight to the luggage carousel. I was half praying  that my luggage won’t end up in another carousel somewhere in Europe, and half already coming up with a plan on what to say as my rant, immensely pissed-off speech if ever my luggage won’t turn up. Well, it did turn up, prayers work, kids. Haha.

Trondheim airport was pretty quaint to be an airport (although the brick walls gave it a homey feel to it), and lacked proper English signage, that I stalked this Norwegian family toward wherever the immigration counter is. Turns out, there is none. And the one I queued up in line at the Schiphol Airport actually is the immigration check. Which led me into conclusion that Trondheim is a bit too small a place that it didn’t have to bother itself with tourist immigration shit.

I was looking out for any exit portals that will lead me to a taxi bay. Good thing the Norwegian word for taxi is, well, taxi. So when the taxi signage turned up, I immediately hailed a cab, then asked to drop me off to my hotel. The cab driver was irritatingly soft spoken, that 10 minutes of listening to him talk would definitely send me off to a snooze fest.

That’s it for now. Will try my best to document any interesting stuff I should encounter. There’s a lot as of the moment, but will pick out the ones worth mentioning. Haha. Au revoir.