Le Adam Lambert

While I was out last night, I bought this debut album from The Adam Lambert. Je suis un très grand fan of his. He is sensational. Killer vocals, exquisite stage presence, tremendous performance (notice the superlatives). A true artist.

However, I don’t like the album that much. It’s so, uhmm.. rock-retro-ish. Time for Miracles was the most outstanding track in the album, which turns out to be a bonus number. Though it’s got a couple or three tracks that I dig, like Aftermath, Music Again, and A Loaded Smile.

And the inlay is so tacky. I know he’s gay, but he needs not be that much in-your-face flamboyant. The gayness of the inlay is as reverberating as his voice. It reverberates through the layers of my corneas, at the cellular level. It hurts.

Maybe this is just a classic case of I-like-it-after-7-album-playbacks. I’m giving it another earshot.

——- UPDATE :

After 5 album playbacks, every single one of them tracks kinda grew on me. I like it now. And while I’m at it, may I point out noticeable striking similarities with Blake Lewis’ (AI Season 6(?) runner-up) debut album Audio Daydream. The sound, the melody, the arrangements, the beat in most of the tracks, sans the beatbox.

And the album cover arts of the Lewis and Lambert CDs are oh so twins-ical. Both are in a variety of purple hues, reminiscent of the Mac OS X Leopard cosmos wallpaper. And oh what do you know, they’re even both AI runner-ups, and these are both their debut albums. Coincidence? Teasing, of course it’s perfectly part of the randomness whole.


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