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Lampes par Ito Kish.

May 11, 2013
Kish-Busilak Bell Jar Lamps

K I S H – Busilak Bell Jar Lamps w/ Legs. Photo from

My wife and I were looking over the internet for that perfect lamp we can use inside our home. We want something functional, and yet a light-bearing piece with a touch of whimsy and a hint of fun that it can add to our space. Our home is a compact 60-square-meter condo, so every single item that we bring into needed be well thought of, with primary qualifications on its (1) size (2) function (3) aesthetics. So because of our home being a bit bunched, any unsightly object, regardless of its size, can easily be spotted.

We came across these awesome Busilak Bell Jar Lamps, by the well-lauded and internationally-famous Filipino furniture artisan, Ito Kish. Busilak is a Filipino word meaning pristine.

We loved the lamps the moment we saw them. It’s like they are alive, breathing radiance into the perimeter they occupy, bestowing a subtle sense of tranquility. Enchanting.


Canapé convoitise.

May 1, 2013


Couch lust. I have never had this much intense desire over a furniture. I mean, it’s just a stationary, non-entertaining piece of space clutter, composed of thoughtfully chosen chunks of wood, and plush fabric. But, how come I felt this way when I came across this photo of a musky-ish smelling, moldy and worn-out looking, piece of butt-rest (the winged armchair in photo above in mocha jute-like upholstery) ? The moment I laid my corneas onto this gorgeous couch, immediate lust coursed through my veins and made me covet it.

This would be an awesome chair to read books on, to watch encore episode after episode of Passport to Europe, to have lengthy and leisurely chit-chat with my wife on, and most importantly, a place to do my tricep dips on.

To you, my lusted-over chaise, wherever you are in the world (well, I know for certain that you are in some flat in Madrid), I hope that your master get to sedately execute his tricep dips on you on a daily basis.


C’est enfin là!

August 8, 2010

It’s finally here! The Ikea Flat Iron Building wall poster that Tenok gave me as a move-in present for my place next year 🙂 I’ve been eyeing this gorgeous, gorgeous, photo at Ikea for the past two years, and last May my sister bought it for me, so happy 🙂 My sister had it sent via courier since I can’t have it checked-in on the plane because of its irregular dimensions.

It’s so huge (200 cm x 140 cm) that it will definitely cover an entire section of a wall. Can’t wait to finally move in my place, and hang one of my fave NYC landmarks in my living room.

Enfin! Cedar Crest à cinq deux en Amaranth Bâtiment

September 12, 2009

Cedar Crest

After the incessant hunting for the best place around for quite sometime now, I finally found the one 🙂 This would probably be the most mature decision I ever did, to date. Merci beaucoup à mon ami Pamsky pour aider-moi, et à mon agent immobilier Rhoel 🙂

Turnover of the unit would be on Julliet de année deux-mille-onze, so there would plenty o’ time to save up for the perfect pieces for my space.

J’ai très, très excité, and really looking forward to moving in.