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En passant Français Niveaux Un!

December 24, 2009

(Passing French Level 1)

I made it through Français level 1! It was facile à première, but towards the end it was un peu difficile, with all the new verbs and their proper conjugations, it was french info overload. The exam was the perfect gauge to measure our first-level proficiency with le langue de français.

Now I’m off to the second level, woot! 🙂


Les Tours d’Eiffel

September 23, 2009

Les Tours des Eiffel

(The Eiffel Towers)

My sister came from their 10-day France/Spain vacation. I told her before they left that she buys me an Eiffel Tower keychain. And buy she did 😉 This is the closest I can be to coming to Le France, haha!

Even as miniature replicas of le tour, they look pretty amazing, somewhat dreamy. Maybe it would be better if there would be something in rusty shade, and that also sets off tiny sparks at random places all over the tower when exposed to dimmed ambience. Now, that would be really something else  😀

Hopefully next time I’d be the one to have these as giveaways from mon voyage de Paris 😉

La Cabane Resto et Bar

August 30, 2009

Dining areas

Right after hanging out at La Cuisine Française, we went straight to La Cabane (The Hut in English) Resto Lounge Bar. While in Berlitz right after our class earlier that day, Michel told me before that upon arriving at La Cabane, let the staff know that we are friends of his. And that I did, upon entering the resto-bar, I immediately informed them that we are with Michel, and boy we were treated pretty nice 🙂

The first thing I’ve noticed about the place was it is really really REALLY COZY! I love the interiors, the lighting, the pieces, the paintings on the walls (which some of it, I think, is Michel’s work), the furniture, and most of all, the open bar! I had 10 vodka tonic, haha 😛 The ottoman chairs were extremely comfy, soft but firm, that I can’t help but leave my flip flops on the floor and do an indian sitting position 🙂 Pamsky and I even agreed that it’s the perfect place to do our work 😀

The music sets the experience to a different more relaxing level, compliments to the cozy ambience of the place. Everybody’s in chillax mode. I enjoyed talking to my friends while having my drinks, eating the steak we ordered, and the delicious pommes frites.

Kudos to that DJ that night, had played really cool mixes. I even saw him one time that night, chugging from a bottle of vodka, cheers! 😀

We will definitely be regulars in this bar et restaurant lounge de française 🙂

At the lounge, waiting for Michel

At the lounge, waiting for Michel


So relaxed at the lounge that when Michel arrived we did not move to a bigger table :)

So relaxed at the lounge that when Michel arrived we did not move to a bigger table 🙂

Montpellier Français Class.. Fin de Le Premiere Mi-temps de Niveau Un

August 30, 2009
Français Class

De gauche à droite: Mlle Chesca, M. Kenneth, M. Michel Herbert (le professeur), Me, Mme. Pam, Mme. Jinky

(Montpellier Français Class.. End of the first half of level 1)

We finally finished half of our level 1 français class (15 hours, 3 hours/week), and boy I learned a lot of français from that short span of time. Our professeur, Monsieur Michel Herbert, is a wonderful instructor, extremely patient with us especially at times when we accidentally murder his beautiful language (très desolèe :)). I really had a great time learning français, it’s pretty much like learning a programming language, only for this the compiler would be the person you’re talking to (eep, geek mode).

We will have our pause de trois semaines (3 week break), and will resume class on Septembre vingt-six. Too bad Chesca won’t be around anymore when the second half of level 1 starts, she would be leaving for Lyon, France, sur Jeudi, Septembre trois, for the 4-month student exchange program. We’ll just have our reunion when she comes back in December, for our fête de Joyeux Noël (Merry Christmas Party).

I need to brush up on my français before the second half starts.

La Cuisine Française

August 30, 2009

Picture 2

It was the end of the half of our level 1 français class, and as planned, we were to cap it off by eating out. We decided to try out La Cabane, along Pasay Road since it was highly recommended by Michel, notre professuer de français. However, Michel will be there around vingt heures trente (8:30 PM) , and it was only 4PM so we decided to hangout someplace else before heading to La Cabane.

Now, I have been eyeing La Cuisine Française for a couple of weeks now, so I suggested to have our chillax time there, and everybody agreed. The place was really charming. Love the interiors, the staff were accommodating, and I immediately had sugar rush just by looking at the dessert display. Michel gave me that snooty look when I told him that we may be hanging out there for a while, well because according to him, it wasn’t french enough for his taste. But we went anyway just to checkout it out, and well, we weren’t disappointed.

We had the three paté platter (chicken liver, duck with orange, and tri-color fish), the one with potato and cheese, and the pecan pie. Chicken liver paté was the outstanding among the other 2 paté in the platter. The potato and cheese was something I didn’t expect to be that good, so it took me, actually all of us, by surprise. And the pecan pie, oh the pecan pie, it was awesome!

I’m definitely coming back, and checkout other items in their menu, and have another slice of that pecan pie 🙂

Still waiting for our orders. De gauche à droite: Chesca, Me, Pamsky, Jinks, Kenneth

Still waiting for our orders. De gauche à droite: Chesca, Me, Pamsky, Jinks, Kenneth

La Cuisine Française (2)

That's me and Chesca, still waiting for our orders.

That's me and Chesca, still waiting for our orders.

Me and Kenneth, looking at the dessert display.

Me and Kenneth, looking at the dessert display.

Paris en année deux-mille-dix (2010)!

August 22, 2009


Year 2010 is the year for my first time in Paris! Our français level 1 class would be ending in a week, and my classmates and I were planning on having a Paris trip next year! 🙂 Good thing Chesca would be part of an exchange student program in Lyon, France, from September to December this year, which means she could do a guided tour when we get there 😀 I would be starting on saving up for the trip, I’m sure it would be really really REALLY fun!

Can’t wait to have an espresso in a local café, drink très bien vin rouge, eat paté, foie gras, and really smelly fromage 😀 Stay all day in Place Colette, reading a good book, listening to really good music, sipping warm coffee from une tasse, fresh from a bring-along thermos 🙂 Then go ride the Metro, and checkout all the train stops (like I did in NYC). And then go to Musée de Louvre, climb Le Tour de Eiffel, and walk the cinq-kilomtre Champs-Elysées 🙂