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Luxure de voiture

May 22, 2011

Car lust. The Mitsubishi ASX is one of them perfect case in point of things that gradually grows on you. Well, actually, grow is not an apt term, more like stealthily-creeps-and-manipulates-your-dendrites-until-you-think-otherwise. LOL.

At initial glance, you’d just see a vehicle that highly resembles a Lancer Evo, on steroids. But every single time I do grocery at Trinoma, this gorgeous heap of metal deliberately greets me with its wide grin (it’s been displayed on a podium near the supermarket entrance), and a pair of squinting, but smiling, headlights.

It’s ĂŒber dashing. I lust over it. Just waiting for a diesel variant to come storming its way into the Philippine market, and will get one myself in a snap.



CorĂ©en de la crĂšme glacĂ©e de melon

May 22, 2011

Korean melon ice cream. For the past 3 months, I find this baby immensely irresistible, particularly right after having lunch and in the midst of the scalding Manila summer. This is highly addictive. Am not kidding. It’s profoundly refreshing, that every nimble nibble, my spirit’s left in invigorating oblivion.

OK, that’s too much articulation for an ice cream. Haha.

But am serious, this is really good. In fact, it is so good, that even its stick tastes just as sumptuous as the frozen treat itself. I actually give the stick a couple of fine licks before tossing it in a garbage bin. LOL.

Le grand livre d’exercices

May 22, 2011

The Big Book of Exercises, by Men’s Health. And mind you, the guys from MH weren’t the least kidding when they tagged this fitness manual as big. Because it is. Hefty both in size, and in info. And for the first time ever, I was duly enlightened on how muscle growth comes into existence, via micro tearing and muscle-protein synthesis, I was like … “Efff. I didn’t know that.“. This is the shizzz.

It’s got a vast variety of routines, neatly sectioned per major muscle group. It’s like going to a restaurant, and ordering something like … “I’d want to have 3 of those advanced leg extension routines, one variation of chest press, a liberal helping of arm curls, and for my woman’s dessert, I’d like her to have a well defined pair of my glutes. Oh, and also, a solid rock-hard abs to-go please.“. LOL.

I love this book.