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Poisson d’Avril

May 5, 2010

(April Fish Day :D)

OK, so our NYC-bound flight is at 1235 AM of May first. 3 hours prior the scheduled plane departure, our dad drove us to the airport. At exactly 1030PM of April 30th, we arrived at the airport, with our luggages and all. We bade our dad goodbye.

My sister and I are queued in line at the airport entrance. Armed with the lyrics, concrete jungle and all, we jovially sung our way through the Empire State of Mind song.

It was our turn on the queue. Lady guard asked for our tickets and passports. We handed the items to her.

She carefully checks the documents. Double.. triple-checking the time and date.

20.. 30 seconds went by, the guard still looks at the flight details, to the word. As if looking for some secret transaction scratch-me-up portion that will reveal if rubbed the right way if we were to be finally allowed to enter the airport. 

I was obsessively counting the mascara gunk she has on her eyelashes (there were 12), when she finally blurted-out the biggest boo-hoo of my year.

“Your flight is tomorrow.”

As if I had a momentary lapse, I asked her to repeat what she said.

“It says on your ticket 1235 of May first. Your flight is tomorrow of 1235 in the afternoon. The time is in military”.

Oh the humanity.

I was so used to having my NYC-bound flights at 1235 AM (this is the fifth consecutive year), that I did not bother to check the time in the ticket. I forgot that I asked our travel agent to book us the shortest stop over she could find for the trip.

And there we were. With our luggages packed stealthily 4 hours ago, still half-chanting our New York theme song, we were 14 hours early for our flight. I called my dad.

Just when I thought April fools was almost 30 days overdue.