Lampes par Ito Kish.

Kish-Busilak Bell Jar Lamps

K I S H – Busilak Bell Jar Lamps w/ Legs. Photo from

My wife and I were looking over the internet for that perfect lamp we can use inside our home. We want something functional, and yet a light-bearing piece with a touch of whimsy and a hint of fun that it can add to our space. Our home is a compact 60-square-meter condo, so every single item that we bring into needed be well thought of, with primary qualifications on its (1) size (2) function (3) aesthetics. So because of our home being a bit bunched, any unsightly object, regardless of its size, can easily be spotted.

We came across these awesome Busilak Bell Jar Lamps, by the well-lauded and internationally-famous Filipino furniture artisan, Ito Kish. Busilak is a Filipino word meaning pristine.

We loved the lamps the moment we saw them. It’s like they are alive, breathing radiance into the perimeter they occupy, bestowing a subtle sense of tranquility. Enchanting.


One Response to “Lampes par Ito Kish.”

  1. Ito Kish ( Says:

    Thank you for loving the Busilak. It is availabale at K I S H (

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