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Cinq cents jours de l’Été

November 16, 2009

500 days of Summer

(500 days of Summer)

First time I saw the teaser, head-over-heels cheesiness went screaming out. Well no point in arguing, it is a cheesy movie. But not the I-am-already-frothing-in-the-mouth-with-all-the-tweenie-chummy-chum-can-I-go-now type. It was light, but not bovine. And somewhere along the story, there’d be some scenes that I’m sure anybody can relate to, that it happened in real life, at one point.

Some scenes had a fresh way of being presented, like that one where the director tries to display in parallel Tom’s perception of reality and his expectation. I also like the time lapse scene after Tom quits his job. I also like the elevator scene, where Summer figures out the band playing on Tom’s pod. And that one office scene where Tom dials the audio of a Smiths song up a couple of notches so that Summer (while heading towards the exit) can hear it and might turn and look. Yes, it was pathetic (hands and feet down), but it was so realistic.

The only thing I find tacky was Tom’s job. I mean, writing greeting cards?! It already is revoltingly tacky in itself, it hurts. euuuch :s But I have to admit, it was cleverly concealed, that this side can only be noticed by a tacky-sensitive audience.

By the way, the guy reminds me of the late Heath Ledger, and the girl looks a tad Katy Perry-ish. And the narrator, a rip-off of the Pushing Daisies series’ voice over.

Great cinematography, reminded me so much of the french movie Amelie Poulain.


Un cinq-étoile toilette. Eh?

November 10, 2009

5-Star Restroom (1)

5-Star Restroom (3)

(A 5-star restroom. Eh?)

This is no prank. This is for real. As in this-is-exceedingly-outrageous-please-stab-me-til-i-bleed-out real. A fiiiiiive-staaaaaar restroom. I mean, if there’s a 5-star, there’s got to be a 4, 3, 2, 1-star..

And is there even a board (I assume a council of elders, who were once men’s public toilet janitors, aka the pits of restroom hell) that proficiently decides on which ones are to be given the most number of toilet stars? And do 5-star restrooms guarantee a 100% no creepy-side-lookers in men urinals when peeing?  I get a lot of those, and it’s really disturbing especially if the side-looker constantly bounces their stare from my thingy, to my face, and vice versa. Even more disturbing if their stare does not leave my crotch area, and I can see an obvious grin and/or a nod from the creepy side-looker, from my peripheral vision.

Les Gémeaux Adversaire

November 8, 2009

Ludlum, Robert | The Gemini Contenders

(The Gemini Contenders)

Mon premiere Robert Ludlum livre, and I was not a bit disappointed. And this was not even one of the hailed novels of Monsieur Ludlum. It’s the thrill, the suspense, the exotic places, the fascinating characters, and the riveting mystery, that kept me hooked to the story. I can’t wait to get my grubby hands on the the coveted Bourne series, the original Bantam edition (not the ones with Matt Damon’s face plastered on the cover), been looking all over the livre magasin à Manille, but still to no avail. Maybe will look for it next spring in Ville de Nouveau York.

Ludlum, Robert | The Bourne Identity

Original Bantam Ed.

Ludlum, Robert | The Bourne Supremacy

Original Bantam Ed.

Ludlum, Robert | The Bourne Ultimatum

Original Bantam Ed.








The plot reminds me so much of Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons (The Gemini Contenders was written way before Brown started on his novels, by the way). Even Ludlum’s protaganist, Vittorio, has a female version in Brown’s Angels & Demons, Langdon’s female lead, Vittoria.

Ne peux pas dormir.. devoir.. compter.. des moutons..

November 2, 2009

Un.. deux.. trois.. quatre.. cinq.. six.. sept..

(Can’t sleep.. must.. count.. sheep..)

C’est cinq minutes à un heure (it’s 5 minutes to 1AM), and am as awake as a reporter having taken 10 shots of espresso in a gulp.

Funny, when I anticipate sleep, I don’t get any.

I wanted to finish the book that I was reading, but it would just keep me more awake than I already am. So here I am, typing away until I succumb to the coveted sleepiness I was waiting since I hit the sack 3 hours ago.

I remember one time, in my desperation to slumber, I tried counting sheep, en français. I reached deux mille. But still, there I was, counting my snooziness probably farther away. I reckon its the dendrites firing up crazily, with all the english-french translation going on in my head.

Neighbor’s roosters already crowing frantically. Talk about pressure to get some sleep. A teeny tiny streak of sunlight, then it’s au revoir to sleeping. Need to get up for work in 4 hours. Must.. not.. anticipate.. sleep.. (10x)

Emmenez-moi à Prague

November 2, 2009
Prague | Old Town Hall

Vieux ville carré de Prague

(Take me to Prague)

Long before my fascination with France, with its culture and language, I have always been dans l’amour with Prague. I don’t know why and how exactly, but there’s something about the place that hooks me to it. It feels familiar. As if it was in my past. I even have this bizarre setting in my imagination, that in my past life I was a french guy living in Prague (I reckon I’m reading way too much fiction, lol).

Prague | Charles Bridge

Le Pont de Charles dans Prague

Whenever I read a book with a scene set in Prague, I always have this vivid image of a rustic, archaic city of yore. Old, but genuinely gorgeous. Ville d’avant, but still breathtaking even centuries forward.

Prague | Overlooking

Prague, surplombant

I want, want, WANT to visit Prague next year. Paris can wait.