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Les Tours d’Eiffel

September 23, 2009

Les Tours des Eiffel

(The Eiffel Towers)

My sister came from their 10-day France/Spain vacation. I told her before they left that she buys me an Eiffel Tower keychain. And buy she did 😉 This is the closest I can be to coming to Le France, haha!

Even as miniature replicas of le tour, they look pretty amazing, somewhat dreamy. Maybe it would be better if there would be something in rusty shade, and that also sets off tiny sparks at random places all over the tower when exposed to dimmed ambience. Now, that would be really something else  😀

Hopefully next time I’d be the one to have these as giveaways from mon voyage de Paris 😉


L’energie jamais meurt

September 21, 2009

The E.N.D De Luxe

(The energy never dies)

Went to a music bar in Glorietta looking for that new DJ Tiësto album (Kaleidoscope), but was still out of stock, so grabbed this one instead.

My first Black Eyed Peas album, I’ve always been a fan, especially because Apl de Ap is a kababayan 😀 Has 15 tracks, plus 10 bonus tracks from the included de luxe CD. I enjoyed every single track, my faves include Rock That Body, I Gotta Feeling, Party All The Time, Meet Me Halfway, and Out of My Head. Beats are contagious, the rhythm will keep everyone hitting the dance floor.

Vous-etes tournage ce?

September 20, 2009

Cine Europa 12 - Rec

(Are you recording this?)

Been planning since first week of September to at least have 4 days saved up for visual-devouring every single one of the 18 Cine Europa 2009 entries. But of course, that was just a plan. It was too perfect a plan, so now, I ended up watching just one, in the very last day of the screening. Well, at least I get to see one before the event officially ends this year.

I went with my sister, and when we reached the Shangri-la Cineplex floor, it was reminiscent of registration day in La Salle. Crowded, long winding lines, and the best part, it was not effing moving at all! We fell in line at 5 PM, the counter for Cine Europa started handing out tickets at 7 PM, that’s 2 effing hours, standing, doing practically nothing. Nada. And my sister, who has a doctorate in whining, was doing just that for 120 minutes.

I never checked what would be on for the 730 PM screening, so when we’re in, it was the Spanish film Rec (short for record). The movie is about this reporter with her camera guy who’s shooting an episode for their show about things that happen in the wee hours in the city. So for that particular episode they took on the firemen. The movie is in the perspective of the cameraman through the lens, so it’s pretty much like the Blair Witch Project.

Anyway, the movie started pretty much of a snooze fest, just some random pretty girl (who’s hot by the way ;)) making a shoot for a show, yadda yadda. They went to a fire department and tagged along to a couple of firemen who went to attend to a call about an accident in a residential building.

But the moment the scene enters the building, it’s nerve-racking up until the VERY end. The suspense level builds up to double, every 5 or so minutes, to the point that the anticipation level was so high that everybody in the cinema were screaming, shrieking. And by everybody, I mean every single person in that movie hall. Including myself. And I’m a picky audience. I save up my emotions to scenes that really begs for it effectively. A number of people were even jumping from their seats from too much suspense, I hope no one pissed accidentally, haha! 😀 It’s pretty much like watching a Pacquiao fight in the big screen, everybody’s reacting.

My movie-adrenalin was never this pumped-up since the flick Taken (so good that it made me forget how parched I was at that time), to think that it’s only half of the suspense there is in Rec.

I was really looking forward to seeing Toi et Moi (You and Me), but Rec very much quenched my Cine Europa itch 🙂 ‘Til next year! B)

Un très bon anniversaire à P et Mimi!

September 19, 2009

bday cake (1)

Been out last night to one of my good friends birthday bash, Mimi! She had her party at Handlebar in Polaris st. Makati City. Well, let’s just say that everybody had too much to drink, that after taking a good shower when I got home this morning, I woke up still reeking of alcohol 😀

Mimi’s gym instructors were also invited, one of them even asked if I was also a gym trainer myself because he said I was very fit. I remember last week, the sister-in-law of a friend thought I was a karate instructor, and once I was also asked by a client during a technical presentation if I was also a radio DJ, I mean, where do these people get those crazy ideas about me 😀

Anyways, Emering, you promised to read the book, and to chill with the CDs, so I’m expecting feedback from you any day next week, a’ryt? 😛

It’s also P’s birthday today, Septembre dix-neuf, one of my very close friends. I only have a handful of close friends, so whenever one of them are having their jour de naissance, it’s quite a big deal to me, sometimes I’m just as excited as the celebrant 🙂 Too bad P has a flu on her birthday, so the celebration was moved to next week, something to look forward to 😉

To everybody having their anniversaire ce week-end, have a Happy Birthday! Enjoy the long weekend 😀

Enfin! Cedar Crest à cinq deux en Amaranth Bâtiment

September 12, 2009

Cedar Crest

After the incessant hunting for the best place around for quite sometime now, I finally found the one 🙂 This would probably be the most mature decision I ever did, to date. Merci beaucoup à mon ami Pamsky pour aider-moi, et à mon agent immobilier Rhoel 🙂

Turnover of the unit would be on Julliet de année deux-mille-onze, so there would plenty o’ time to save up for the perfect pieces for my space.

J’ai très, très excité, and really looking forward to moving in.

Le nouveau Gold’s Gym card de l’adhésion :)

September 10, 2009
Gold's Gym Membership Cards

New one on top of the previous card.

(The new Gold’s Gym membership card)

I finally got my new Gold’s Gym membership card, after 3 years, and just in time because the card that I was using ever since is almost worn out 🙂 Love the new one,  it’s all shiny  (not too obviously shown in the photo), et Je préfère le coleur sombre graphite than l’orange, it looks more classy, and well, macho 😀

I rarely workout since end of last year deux-mille-huit, and the new card would be the covenant between me and myself that I will workout regularly starting Octobre. Really looking forward to pump irons again!

Bonne chance Honey sur les examens des bar!

September 5, 2009

Honey (1)

The Philippine bar examinations would be starting tomorrow, Septembre six deux-mille-neuf, à huit heures, and will last quatre semaines. Good luck to my girlfriend Z, who had been painstakingly preparing for the exams for 5 grueling months. You can do it Honey, show ’em what you’ve got! 🙂

And to all the examiners, bonne chance à vous tous!

Quitter jouer jeux avec mon coeur

September 4, 2009


For the past two days, I found myself, immensely addicted, obsessed, to Backstreet Boys songs. Man, I never knew this day will come, had not been prepared for this. I blame the early morning rush hour traffic, and the buses playing late 90s pop hits, one after another, after another, after another.. Quit playing games with my heart keeps on playing in my head over and over and over.. and over.

I used to mock my sister for self-proclaiming a fixation towards the boy band. I get to eat a lot of my words lately, good thing it has no calories, but it’s definitely brimming with guilt.

..sometimes I wish I could turn back time .. impossible as it may seem. but i wish I could, so bad, baby.. you better .. Quit playing games.. yadda yadda yadda.

Deux pour Paris!

September 3, 2009

Deux pour Paris (1)

Last night we attended an exhibit opening in Galleria Astra, in N. Garcia St., Makati City. Tagged Deux pour Paris (Two for Paris), the displays are of Rico Lascano, et nous professuer de français, Monsieur Michel 🙂 My first time to visit an actual gallery that sells paintings (so the countless museum visits do not count), and it was fun.

Most of Michel’s pieces are two-dimensional, playing with textures, including textile, plastic, etc. The outstanding among his pieces is the Trocadero, because of his playful use of yellow.

The actual gallery was quaint, but striking, and the pieces in the room does not overwhelm the artworks on display, in fact they so complement each other that the actual gallery itself looks like a big art piece. I might seem a wee bit artsy-fartsy sometimes, but I appreciate the beauty and the thought poured in an art piece. Art for me is the epitome of beauté et folie (beauty and madness).

Planning to study painting next year, or towards the end of this year 🙂

Félicitations Michel, et bonne chance sur ton exhibit 🙂

Posing at one of Monsieur Herbert's works. De gauche à droite: Jinks, Pamsky, Me.

Posing at one of Monsieur Herbert's works. De gauche à droite: Jinks, Pamsky, Me.

Me and Jinks, with the Trocadero piece (the one below) by Mitchel.

Me and Jinks, with the Trocadero piece (the one below) by Mitchel, mon préféré among all his works.

The attendees of the exhibit opening. On the far left, Pam and Jinky, talking about real estate investments :P

The attendees of the exhibit opening. On the far left, Pam and Jinky, talking about real estate investments 😛 The guy in crossed-arms, with long hair, wearing a bonnet, is Rico Lascano, one of the artists of the exhibit.

Valse d'une ballerine avec des thés glacés (Waltz of the ballerina with the iced teas)

Valse d'une ballerine avec des thés glacés (Waltz of the ballerina with the iced teas)

The fluorescence of Trocadero.

The fluorescence of Trocadero.

The guy in white is Michel, busy explaining his work.

The guy in white is Michel, busy explaining his work.

Le trois de nous, avec le maître artisan.

Le trois de nous, avec le maître artisan.