Comment faire pour ressembler à un zombie

(How to look like a zombie)

For two straight weeks, I have been having a complete 360 from my normal sleeping pattern. I sleep really late. So late that it’s practically a couple minutes away from daybreak. I blame the holidays for disrupting my snooze routine. I think I’m gradually turning into a zombie.

I have been working from home since the holidays, so tomorrow would be the first day I’d be going to my workplace after the long break. I can’t wait to scare people with my sullen-due-to-insufficient-sleep look. Making this my new fashion statement.

Vis-à-vis, I saw this cool plush zombie toy from this site, that you can dismember, and turn its innards in ways it’s not supposed to. Even the size of the brain (the pink one shaped like a ball) is so proportionally correct. I’d like to own a hundred of these, and place them randomly in a rectangular glass case, for everyone to gawk at, whilst shuddering and muttering “how cute?”.

In the meantime, I’d be reading a book, see if I could summon the oh so elusive sleepiness by ignoring the fact that I should be sleeping by now (it”s already 2:08 AM). And if, IF after an hour I’m still wide awake, I would guzzle 3 mugs of coffee, take a shower, and get ready for work.


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